Is There Something I Should Know?

A typical Durandau Ballet performance is a set from each of Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran.   Costume changes help to recreate the original experience.

Spandau Ballet 

  • To Cut a Long Story Short 
  • Highly Strung 
  • Only When You Leave 
  • Communications 
  • Chant No 1 
  • She Loved Like Diamond
  • I’ll Fly For You 
  • Lifeline
  • True 
  • Gold
  • Through the Barricades

Duran Duran 

  • Reach Up for the Sunrise 
  • Planet Earth 
  • Hungry Like the Wolf 
  • Is There Something I Should Know 
  • A View to a Kill 
  • Girls on Film
  • Notorious
  • The Reflex
  • Ordinary World 
  • Come Undone 
  • Save a Prayer 
  • Rio

Take a listen to the medley of the band - recorded live with no edits or re-recording - this is the true sound of Durandau Ballet